Bookish Discussion: Reactions to Unpopular Opinions

Hey everyone!


So today I’ve decided to do something a little different, and I’d really appreciate if you can give me some feedback if you read this and want to have more “bookish discussions!”


If any of you follow me on Instagram or Twitter, or read this post you’ll know that I’ve just recently started reading Harry Potter for the first time!


I’m someone who loves to read bad reviews of books before I read said book. I love knowing what people disliked about a book before I start reading it so compare my own feelings of certain situations or characters to theirs, and to see if I also dislike these things about the book as well.


Sometimes I’ll read bad reviews of books I love just after I read them, and of course sometimes I will get offended at these peoples opinions because I feel they are offending something that I love, however I understand that everyone has different opinions on different things and not everyone will love the same things as me.


This is why I get very very annoyed when I see people attacking other people for their opinions on books. Not everyone will love the same things we do, and they have every right to their opinion. There is a polite way to disagree with someone, and outright attacking them and belittling them online because they disagree with you is not the way to go.


If I’ve picked up on something in a book that someone else hasn’t, and because of that a person has instantly disliked a book, I may try to politely educate them on what I interpreted that thing to mean. In some recent reviews I’ve read, I’ve seen people be extremely condescending and belittling towards someone because they have understood something that someone else hasn’t, or they have understood something differently to someone else. And it annoys me so much! It also makes me a little worried whenever I have an unpopular opinion of a book.


No one has the right to belittle and condescend someone, no matter what. It doesn’t matter if you love a book and someone else hates it, and you feel as if you have to defend said book. You can be polite about it, and always try to remember that everyone will take something differently from each story, and everyone will interpret every story differently. I hate that people now feel like they shouldn’t post negative reviews in fear of being ridiculed and belittled by fans of the book.


What are your thoughts on this topic?


Thanks for reading!

Taryn xxx



2 thoughts on “Bookish Discussion: Reactions to Unpopular Opinions

  1. I know exactly what you mean!!!! I feel like sometimes when I don’t really enjoy a book everyone else loves that maybe I should just bump up the star ratings anyway so you don’t have to be the only person who’s posting a negative review, and have everyone one so confused with why you didn’t like it.

    But then on the other hand, I read Reawakened by Colleen Houck this year and LOVED IT, it’s not the most amazingly written book, and it does have some roll your eye moments, but something about it just got me really excited me and I had such a great time reading it. But I swear, like everyone else hates it. You can check out the opinions on Goodreads, they have a problems that the protagonist is white, that a white author is writing about a culture she’s only studied in books.
    Because so many people feel so strongly that this book is prejudice I felt so nervous posting such a raving review about it. Like people would then start thinking negatively about me because I enjoyed a book they thought was wrong.

    I loved this post 🙂


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