Book Review: Everything, Everything


Book: Everything, Everything

Author: Nicola Yoon

Genre: YA Contemporary

Rating: ★ ★ ★ ½

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I had a few problems with our main character Maddy which is the reason this got only an average rating. Madeline is one of the biggest “special snowflake” characters I’ve ever read about in a YA novel, and trust me they’re everywhere. Madeline is half Afican-American, half Japanese and she suffers from Severe Combined Immune Deficiency. I have to admit though, it’s great to see a bit of difference in some YA characters, but I don’t know. I found Madeline to be extremely stubborn and naïve. Of course she’d be naïve not having lived in the real world, I understand that, but holy moly. Maddy literally takes everything her mother says at face value and doesn’t question anything. I don’t know why this annoys me so much, I think it should just be common sense to questions things people say. I didn’t mind the love interest, Olly. Although I personally hate parkour so I was instantly turned off by that (no offence). I loved Carla, and obviously after the plot twist I didn’t particularly like the mother.


The plot of this book was relatively fast paced, and I did enjoy the storyline. The Hawaii chapters were by far my favourites! I had already been spoiled on what the plot twist was going to be, but I’d sort of guessed it even if I hadn’t known. I felt like that kind of cheapened the story. I’m glad there was a “happily ever after” but I just feel cheated after that twist.


The writing in this was very easy to read and extremely gripping from the beginning. The little drawings and lists added throughout the novel also added to the experience.

Overall thoughts and recommendations

Whilst this isn’t my favourite YA contemporary novel of all time, I can understand the hype. I’d recommend this to anyone who likes John Green or Morgan Matson.

Thanks for reading!

Taryn xxx


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